Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MV เพลง Shining Girl


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

EndYear 2009 with SilverLake

Sometime I would find out the remote locations to travel and this make me overlook to the close beautiful place where locate in my province. Year 2009 I had a chance to travel to the beautiful close place as Silverlake and Wat Khao Chi Jan. I intend to share my point in the these locations to all of you who come to my blog. Thank you for let me show them.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My weekend on Unseen Samed

It make me so funny with my friends.
It's the one of the best of my travel.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My favorite pub and restaurant in Rayong.

My favorite pubs and restaurants in Rayong province of Thailand as below :

1. Rong-Beer ----> Mainly for beer, drinks and dance with new-style Thai music or western music and some time with country style (Thai's call "Pleng-Pheur-Chee-Wit" is mean "music for life")
2. Society House ----> Hi-so pub mainly for drink and dance with western music.
3. Prachatippathai ----> Country style pub mainly for drink and soft dance with Pleng-Pheur-Chee-Wit.
4. Bliss ----> No data to explain that because I never visit.

1. Ton-Thang-Rak
2. BankOK
3. Kruo-Gang-Phet
4. Society House Restaurant
5. River View
6. Baan-Mai-Taeng

The day after I will attached pics for all places.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thai new year celebrate on "Songkran's day"

Songkran festival is the Thai traditional New Year start on 13rd to 15th April in every year, it's the date when the sun enters Aries and know as the "water festival" celebrated in April. The most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water to against the high temperature which rise up to 40°C in some day.But realistically, Thai ancestors started this festival to teach their descendants to come home to visit their parents, pay respect to them, and usually bring them a small gift. Also visit their older neighbors to keep the good relationships and to pay respect to the elders around the neighborhood. For these reasons Songkran days are also considered the family days and the elderly days.

On the morning people go to a wat to pray and give food to monks. They also clean Buddha images in temples with water and gentle Thai perfume (น้ำอบไทย) as it is believed that this will bring good luck and prosperity for the New Year.

"Wan-Lai" (Thai's call) is the date to parade the Buddha statues through the street at the afternoon so that people can wash them as they pass by. "Wan-Lai" in each area in many cities is set not in same date up to the accommodation. However, in the rural areas after the parade they turn to wat to bathe monks, listening to sermon and accept a blessing after that they will throwing the water. After joyfully splash water on each other they pool efforts to form the sand pagoda by hand in order to recompense the dirt that they carry away on their feet during the rest of the year. At early in the evening the people will decorate the colorful flags(number of flag same as their age plus 1) on the sand pagoda. Later in the day, people also do community services teach people to give, the most basic way to happiness in Buddhism.

For me "Songkran" in this year quite be short due to I went back home on 15th and went to wat to pray and give food to monks on 16th and came to Rayong on 17th April. Although it was the short time at my hometown with my parents and my family but I am very happy through day until now.

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